Red Hot + Bach

Over the past 25 years Red Hot has helped raise awareness, money and advocacy to fight HIV/AIDS. They’ve done so by releasing multimedia projects that include music albums, TV programs, videos, posters and interactive media.

They recently asked us to design the packaging for their newest release, Red Hot + Bach (an album composted of more than 20 musicians reinterpreting classic Bach pieces). It was an exploration of how Bach could be reinvented in the twenty-first century through digital media–and the design direction followed suit.

We generated the Bach line portrait with code using the programming language Processing. The companion iPad app allows users to interact with the audio tracks. Users can layer sounds and trigger music loops to create their own compositions, as well as “draw” with music to expose and mask layers of sound.


Creative Direction:
John Carlin

Cover Design:
Milton Glaser Inc.

Art Direction & Design:
The Collected Works

App Design & Development:
Funny Garbage